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BDT - "We Run the Streetz"... dropping it here and now!  Sikear!!

Joh Makini does it again with this hotly anticipated video - Sijutii ft. Dunga

Joh Makini releases Manouva - Listen up! 

You've heard it on the radio... Now you can hear it here... MANOUVA - BY JOH MAKINI produced by Mandugu Digital (Dunga).

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High Priest ft. Shakie and Benja

Shakie & his cronies, getting down to some serious party business on this one...
 - LEO -- bouncekapukagenge to this!

Njoo, by Kekuu, Arusha's Hip Hop Priestess...

This is an audio event to pay attention to... Listen to Kekuu's single Njoo here..  Video will be posted here when released.

Wanajaribu, by KAMA (K'Shaka) featuring Dunga... from the album AMKA!!

Out of Nairobi, Kenya, comes Radi with her Afropolitan track Tarumbeta:

Out of TZ's UAACC in Imbaseni Village, a tribute to Geronimo Ji Jaga, who passed away in July. this tribute is called Rest in Uhuru, and features JCB, Mama C, Dunga, Fid Q and Lavosti.

Shaky ft. Highpriest with Show me the Money

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  1. Rest in Uhuru is Dope, Ambizzle keep the good work burning till you fingers smother...:-)

  2. @Bulungu... hot stuff yet to be dropped.. keep your eyes here! @HerumM K FAM... Cheers, man!

  3. mandugu man I need your phone number man I need you to make my track man please naiomba niko USA thanks for your help kwa jina naitwa dogg bee