Saturday, August 20, 2011

EMAs underway in Nairobi!

The East Africa Music Awards are underway as we speak, at Bomas in Nairobi.

TZ's Sauda Simba, who was a judge of the Tusker project Fame for the last round of competition in Tanzania, is also a musician and entrepreneur.   Visit the TPL blog for background on Sauda and her business.

Sauda far right beside Burundi Judge Budi Nibigirwe (left) and Rwanda Judge Jean Pierre Runyurana (centre).

The site for the awards seems to need an update, but you can find a bit of background.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Respect for Mama Creator

Hey good people,

from left: Mama Charlotte O'Neal, Leanne, Ambrose Dunga, Maya Azucena

We want to share with you a track we produced along with Espen at Caravan Records earlier this year featuring  Maya Acuzena, Lady JayDee, Fid Q, Okai Musik, Mzungu Kichaa, Mrisho MpotoMama C.

Please listen to Mama Creator... the song.. 


"Mama Creator" is a new song for maternal health that was written and recorded in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania with top artists from New York City and Tanzania.
Featuring: Maya Acuzena, Lady JayDee, Fid Q, Okai Musik, Mzungu Kichaa, Mrisho Mpoto & Mama C.
The song is intended to raise awareness about the challenges facing women in pregnancy and childbirth in Tanzania - one of 11 countries that comprise 65 per cent of all maternal deaths worldwide.
The song will be released with a mini-documentary produced by Emmy-award winning filmmaker and co-founder, Lisa Russell, that documents the creative process behind the production of the song as well as encourages other UN/NGO agencies worldwide to incorporate artists in their maternal health outreach. is co-founded by Maya Azucena and Lisa Russell who are using their collective networks in both the creative and humanitarian fields to bring greater awareness to maternal health and MDG #5. The project was funded by UNFPA Tanzania.
For Tanzania press/media, contact
For International press/mediaa, contact lisa@governessfilms.comProduced by and Caravan Records for UNFPA. Music produced by Ambrose Dunga of Mandugu Digital, courtesy of Trinity Promotions Ltd. Vocal production assisted by Maya Acuzena. Executive production and mix by Mzungu Kichaa and Ambrose Dunga. Recorded at Caravan Records, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.
*The link for seems to be down at the moment, but the song still rocks and is in support of women and maternal health issues...   so instead, perhaps visit Lisa Russell's Blog to find out more.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

East Africa Music Awards (EMAs) Launched this week!

East Africa Music Awards (EMAs) Launched this week!

Our very own Sauda Simba of Trinity Promotions Ltd., a well known artist working with producer Ambrose Akula Akwabi of Mandugu Digital, is landing in Nairobi tomorrow
 to represent Tanzania on the judges panel.

View the promo Here:

The EMAs will be a four hour event, televised live on August 20th, 2011 in a minimum of six television stations and repeated several times in all eight countries.
To promote fairness, all countries are represented in the judging panel and, most judges are experts in the industry.   To learn more about the awards, or to purchase tickets, follow the East African Music Awards on their Facebook page, or on Twitter.
All the best to all Nominees!
The full list of nominees is as follows:
Best Male

1. Dr. Claude – “Baramu Gyanye” – RWANDA
2. Nhaitty Man – “Nefs” – ETHIOPIA
3. Jaguar – “Kigeugeu” – KENYA
4. Bebe Cool – “Minzani” – UGANDA
Best Female

1. Liza Kamikazi – “More than a Dream” – RWANDA
2. Lady Jaydee – “Teza” – TANZANIA
3. Juliana – “Alive Again” – UGANDA
4. Wahu – “Sweet Love” – KENYA
Best Group

1. P-Unit – “Kare” – KENYA
2. Just Family – “Bareke” – RWANDA
3. Radio & Weasel – “Nakudata” – UGANDA
Best Collabo

1. AY ft. Mwana F.A. “Habari Ndio hiyo” – TANZANIA
2. Marya Ft. Avril – “Chokoza” – KENYA
3. Kidum ft. Juliana – “Haturudi Nyuma” – BURUNDI & UGANDA
4. Wyre Ft, Cecile – “She said dat” – KENYA
Best male

1. Cedric Bangy – “Segneur” – BURUNDI
2. Dominique Ashimwe – “Nditabye” – RWANDA
3. Dawit Getachew – “Etebikihalehu” – ETHIOPIA
4. Wiseye Willie – “Buye Gigitare” – BURUNDI
Best Gospel Female

1. Christina Shusho – “Unikumbuke” – TANZANIA
2. Gaby – “Amahoro” – RWANDA
3. Alice Kamande – “Upendo Ule ule” – KENYA
4. Upendo Nkone – “Haleluyah Usifiwe” – TANZANIA
Best Gospel Group

1. Nef Thalem Assegid – ” Nebse” – ETHIOPIA
2. Mwanza Gospel Choir -Nivema” – TANZANIA
3. B.M.F – “I live for you” – KENYA
Best Gospel Collabo

1. Emmy Kosgei ft. Lynn. “Omegeu Rerein” – KENYA
2. Mbuvi Ft. Kambua – “Kivevelo” – KENYA
Best Male

1. Winyo – “Odongo” – KENYA
2. Kidum – “Mapenzi” – BURUNDI
3. Mutinda ” Simama” – KENYA
4. Muhire Francis – “Nawe Ndangiye” – BURUNDI
5. Maurice Kirya – “Boda Boda” – UGANDA
Best Afro Fusion Female

1. Liza Kamikaze – “kigali” – RWANDA
2. Emarauce Niwizera – Yambogorera” – BURUNDI
3. Achieng Abura – “Omusala” – KENYA
4. Chumba – “Ame Milamila Met” – KENYA
Best Afro Fusion Group

1. The Brothers – “Sawa Sawa” – RWANDA
2. Gargar – “Aids Wadila” – KENYA
3. Sauti Sol “Somasoma” – KENYA
Best Male

1. Fally Ipupa – Sexy Dance – DRC
2. Chritian Bela “Yako wapi mapenzi – TANZANIA.
3. Ken Wa Maria – “Kavaluku” – KENYA
4. Papa Wemba – Six Million” – DRC
Best Rhumba Female

1. Masha Mapenzi – “Kala Urere” – KENYA
2. Tshala Mwana – “Maloz” – DRC
3. Vumilia Abraham – “Tatizo” – TANZANIA.
Best Rhumba Group

1. Just Family – “Mama” – RWANDA
2. Msondo Ngoma – “Kalunde” – Tanzania
3. J.B. Mpiana w/ Wenge Maison Were – “Mpunda” DRC
4. Werason w/ Wenge B.C.B.G – “Mitterand Champagne” – DRC
Best Male

1. Alfred & Bernard – “Igukumi Karotirinda” – BURUNDI
2. Eyob Mackonen – “Ye Mi Dirshie” – ETHIOPIA
3. Ethio-colour – Shemonmuama – ETHIOPIA
4. Diwani Nzaro – “Ukaa” – KENYA
Best Female

1. Beatrice Mathew – “Mapenzi ya Kweli” – TANZANIA
2. Nirere Shanel – “Ameteka” – RWANDA
3. Lady Jaydee – “Mtarimbo” – TANZANIA
4. Tina Mdulule (Big Mama) – “Tupapule” – TANZANIA
Most Promising Male Artist

1. Mabeste from – TANZANIA
2. Solomon Mukubwa from – DRC
3. Mr. Lengs from – SOUTH SUDAN
Most Promising Female Artist

1. Nirere Shanel from RWANDA
2. Keko from UGANDA
3. Friday John from South Sudan

1. Lam – “Stay in Love” – SOUTH SUDAN
2. Amani – “Without You” – KENYA
3. Nonini – “Kataa Hiyo” – KENYA
4. Immanuel Jal – “We Want Peace” – S. SUDAN
5. M.O.G ft. Juliani “My Call” – KENYA

To learn a bit more about what's going on re: the EAMs, check out this video!

We'll keep you posted on the goings on in Nairobi..

Friday, August 12, 2011

Mandugu Digital Blog hits the web!

Mandugu Digital is a music production outfit started by two brothers (Akula Akwabi a.k.a. Ambrose Dunga and Aloyo Akwabi a.k.a. Pius Shaky) in 2000 with the aims of establishing a high-quality music facilitation service catering to a dynamic audience.

Coming from both formal and informal musical approaches, Mandugu Digital seek to provide products of high musicality. This musicality is injected into popular musical culture by working with artists from Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and beyond. We do this by embracing Afro-Urban experiences to create  fusions from various geographic and philosophic elements.  We want to both globalise East African music, and to expand our musicians' experiences.

With operations in Nairobi, Kenya, and Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, Mandugu Digital (The Digital Brothers) continue to make music and inspire a movement of regional music production entities to move continually forward.